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Thanks for taking the time to come here, I've been a big fan of the military all my life, I had the previlage of serving my country in the Navy, and have now moved on.

I now run a military chat board located at and welcome everyone to partake in the discussions there.

Anyway, what I hoped to do here was display pics of inspiration for not only me, but everyone so inclinded towards the military life, wether it be Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did.

An Extension of Myself
All the pics found here come from various sources, but all from the net. They have stired emotions in me and motivated this sites creation. For now you only have to go to one site to see the best military pics on the web, here
Who am I?
Me personally, I'm no one special, I served my time in the Royal Australian Navy, moved on from there and now I'm a Photo/Journalist

Scattered Intelligence Agency
Click the link below to view the SIA chat board.

Come and join in on the fun, discuss the ins and outs of military life, politics and aqusitions as well as fore thoughts and wish lists
Scattered Intelligence Agency

Have a Point of View?
Then email me, just click the link below.
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